Ron Cobb

How Steven Spielberg's Night Skies became E.T.

Ryan Lambie Feature May 29, 2014

Intended as a sequel to Close Encounters, Night Skies began in the 1970s but later stalled. We look at how its ideas evolved into E.T...

The stories behind five classic sci-fi cars

Ryan Lambie Feature Nov 7, 2012

We talk to some of the creators behind the cars in such sci-fi movies as Back To The Future, Total Recall and Minority Report...

Alien: The history of the Nostromo, by Ron Cobb

The Nostromo - and the way there.
Ron Cobb News Sep 22, 2009

Ron Cobb, one of the premier sci-fi production designers of the last 40 years, explains the history of the doomed vessel in Alien...