Robert Rodriguez

Very violent new Machete trailer

Simon Brew Trailer Jul 26, 2010

The brand new red band trailer for Machete gets set to drench your screen in red…

The missing shot from Predators

Simon Brew News Jul 13, 2010

There’s a glorious moment from the trailer for Predators that, you might have noticed, is missing from the final cut. And Robert Rodriguez has explained why…

New movie stills appear for Machete

Ryan Lambie News Jul 8, 2010

Robert Rodriguez’s forthcoming Machete, starring Danny Trejo, gets a sharp-looking collection of new promotional stills…

Predators review

Ryan Lambie Review Jul 6, 2010

Predator was a sci-fi cinema classic. So after the tedious AvP movies, can the franchise regain its teeth with Nimród Antal's Predators? Ryan's fingers are crossed...

Predators sequel already planned?

Simon Brew News Jul 5, 2010

The Predator franchise returns to cinemas this upcoming weekend - but could there be more from the Predators in the future?

Four new Predators clips crash in

Ryan Lambie News Jul 1, 2010

Want to watch just over four minutes of footage from Nimrod Antal’s forthcoming Predators? Then step right this way…

Music in the movies: Robert Rodriguez

Glen Chapman News Jun 28, 2010

Glen provides a rundown of Robert Rodriguez’s compositional work, from the family-friendly Spy Kids series to the full-blooded comic adaptation, Sin City...

Robert Rodriguez approached to direct X-Men: Deadpool?

Simon Brew News Jun 15, 2010

Ryan Reynolds’ standalone outing as Deadpool might have moved a step closer, with the news that Robert Rodriguez has been approached to direct…