Robert Downey Jr

Iron Man 2: "we tried to please the fans"

Iron Man 2
Simon Brew News
Feb 2, 2016

Screenwriter Justin Theroux has been chatting about where Iron Man 2 went wrong - and how he thought The Avengers wouldn't work.

Captain America: Civil War - Chris Evans on the new movie

Simon Brew News
Jan 6, 2016

Chris Evans has been chatting about Captain America: Civil War, and the forthcoming conflict for Cap with Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark...

Captain America: Civil War - Superbowl promo

Simon Brew News
Feb 8, 2016

Get another glimpse at Captain America: Civil War, with its Superbowl ad right here...

Robert Downey Jr on Spider-Man & Captain America: Civil War

Simon Brew News
Dec 4, 2015

Robert Downey Jr on the new generation of heroes in the Marvel cinematic universe...

Marvel Studios: how long is left on everyone’s contracts?

Rob Leane Feature
Feb 5, 2016

How long until Cap, Iron Man and co need to renegotiate their multi-film Marvel contracts? We did some digging…

Terrence Howard: losing Marvel job "a $100m loss for me"

Simon Brew News
Sep 16, 2015

Terrence Howard has been complaining about Robert Downey Jr again, and the impact of him leaving the Iron Man series.

19 Oscar-worthy sci-fi movie performances

Ryan Lambie Odd List
Sep 11, 2015

A genre constantly overlooked at awards ceremonies, sci-fi cinema is full of stunning performances - like these...

Where does summer 2015 leave movie stars?

Simon Brew Feature
Aug 19, 2015

Adam Sandler, Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Schwarzenegger and The Rock went head to head this summer. What did we learn about star power?

Captain America: Civil War - Frank Grillo on Crossbones

Simon Brew News
Aug 11, 2015

Frank Grillo talks about his role in the new Captain America film, and on getting his new costume just right...

Captain America: Civil War - Martin Freeman teases character

Simon Brew News
Jul 20, 2015

So just where does Martin Freeman fit into the new Captain America movie? He's dropped a few hints...