Rio 2

Are big movie sequels getting better?

Simon Brew Feature Sep 3, 2014

Has 2014 marked a turning point in the quality of major movie sequels? And could there be hidden consequences to this?

New trailer lands for Rio 2

Simon Brew Trailer Dec 13, 2013

The sequel to Rio lands in April. And here's the new trailer for Rio 2...

The big animated movies of 2014

Simon Brew Ryan Lambie Feature Nov 8, 2013

From Studio Ghibli and DreamWorks, through to Laika and Disney, 2014 may not have a Pixar movie, but it has lots of other animated treats.

Full trailer for Rio 2

Simon Brew Trailer Oct 3, 2013

Animated sequel Rio 2 arrives in cinemas next year - and here's the full trailer for it...