Resident Evil 2: the remarkable fan-created remake

Aaron Birch News Feb 3, 2015

A fan-made Resident Evil 2 walkthrough video has surfaced online, and we want Capcom to pay attention...

Did Cronenberg nearly get a second chance to make his Total Recall?

Ryan Lambie News Jun 23, 2014

In a surprising interview, director David Cronenberg hints that he was once attached to direct the 2012 Total Recall remake...

Point Break remake's producers offer update

Point Break
Glen Chapman News Apr 7, 2014

Broderick Johnson and Andrew A Kosgove have been chatting about the Point Break remake

New trailer released for RoboCop reboot

Ryan Lambie Trailer Nov 20, 2013

A third trailer arrives for next year's RoboCop remake, which you can feast your eyes on here...

Rumblings of discontent from RoboCop reboot

Glen Chapman News Aug 29, 2012

It would seem that director Jose Padilha is having a less than pleasant experience with the RoboCop remake...

First trailer for The Karate Kid remake

Simon Brew Trailer Dec 23, 2009

The Karate Kid remake, starring Jackie Chan and Will Smith's son, gets its very first trailer...

David Cronenberg to remake The Fly

Simon Brew News Sep 24, 2009

David Cronenberg is to remake, er, David Cronenberg’s The Fly. But why?

Highlander ‘reimagining’ on the way

Simon Brew News Sep 23, 2009

There can be only, er, another one, as Highlander steps into the world of the remake…

Remakes Vs. Originals: Dawn Of The Dead

Tom Latham News Sep 15, 2009

Get ready for a slow and shambling fight between the original and remade Dawn of the Dead, with bits falling off as we go...