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How Doctor Who series 8 tapped into horror

Mark Harrison Feature Nov 10, 2014

The directors of Doctor Who's latest series brought back the scares in a big way. Well, fear is a superpower...

Where now for Doctor Who series 9?

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What do we know about Doctor Who series 9 so far, and what threads is it likely to pick up? Here's what we know so far...

Doctor Who series 8 update: trailer and images for Death In Heaven

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The climax to Doctor Who series 8 is coming this Saturday. Here's our news round-up for the finale, Death In Heaven...

Doctor Who series 8: the clues in Clara's Post-It Notes

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Does a closer look at the Post-it notes on Clara's bookshelf in Dark Water hint to a secret in the Doctor Who series 8 finale? Possibly...

Doctor Who series 8: Dark Water review

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A chilling episode of Doctor Who with major revelations. Here's our spoiler-filled take on Dark Water...

Rachel Talalay interview: directing Doctor Who series 8's finale

Simon Brew Interview Oct 30, 2014

Director Rachel Talalay on the Doctor Who series finale stories, and the tactics they used to keep the big spoilers in tact...

Doctor Who series 8: Dark Water spoiler-free review

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Er, we can't say much about the first half of Doctor Who's series 8 finale, save that Dark Water is setting up a hell of a final episode...

Doctor Who: Rachel Talalay chats Capaldi, finale and Moffat

Rob Leane News Aug 13, 2014

Doctor Who series 8 finale director Rachel Talalay has been chatting about the show…

Director Rachel Talalay chats about Doctor Who series 8

Simon Brew News May 30, 2014

With two episodes of Doctor Who series 8 to her name, Rachel Talalay has been talking about working on the show...

Rachel Talalay directing two episodes of Doctor Who series 8

Doctor Who
Simon Brew News May 15, 2014

Tank Girl director Rachel Talalay is helming two episodes of Doctor Who series 8, starring Peter Capaldi.