Philip K Dick

Frank Spotnitz interview: The Man In The High Castle

Louisa Mellor Interview
Nov 19, 2015

Alternate WWII history The Man In The High Castle arrives on Amazon this Friday, adapted from Philip K Dick’s novel by Frank Spotnitz…

Comparing the virtual realms of Inception and eXistenZ

Ryan Lambie Feature
Mar 10, 2015

Although released over a decade apart, Christopher Nolan's Inception shares many parallels with David Cronenberg's cult sci-fi, eXistenZ...

The Man In The High Castle pilot review

Ron Hogan Review
Jan 19, 2015

If picked up, Amazon Pilot The Man In The High Castle could become as compulsive to watch as The Americans meets Lost...

Looking back at Richard Linklater's A Scanner Darkly

Ryan Lambie Feature
Oct 29, 2014

In 2006, Richard Linklater adapted Philip K Dick's A Scanner Darkly for the screen. Ryan looks back at a funny and powerful animated film...

Michel Gondry interview: Mood Indigo, Eternal Sunshine, Ubik

Ryan Lambie Interview
Jul 28, 2014

We talk to one-of-a-kind filmmaker Michel Gondry about his new film Mood Indigo, Eternal Sunshine, Philip K Dick adaptation Ubik and more...

Exclusive: Michel Gondry "still working" on Ubik adaptation

Ryan Lambie News
May 6, 2014

Director Michel Gondry has told us that he's still working on an adaptation of Philip K Dick's sci-fi novel, Ubik...

How Philip K Dick transformed Hollywood

Ryan Lambie Feature
Sep 28, 2012

Thirty years after his death, author Philip K Dick continues to influence the movies. Ryan looks at how his work changed Hollywood…

Looking back at Next

Next (2007)
Ryan Lambie News
Jun 15, 2011

We take a look back at the Nic Cage sci-fi thriller Next, a deeply flawed film with a few decent ideas at its core...

Looking back at the 9 movie adaptations of Philip K Dick

Ryan Lambie News
Mar 2, 2011

With The Adjustment Bureau about to arrive in cinemas, we take a look at Philip K Dick’s other adapted work, and those yet to come…