Philip K Dick

Exclusive: Michel Gondry "still working" on Ubik adaptation

Ryan Lambie News May 6, 2014

Director Michel Gondry has told us that he's still working on an adaptation of Philip K Dick's sci-fi novel, Ubik...

How Philip K Dick transformed Hollywood

Ryan Lambie Feature Sep 28, 2012

Thirty years after his death, author Philip K Dick continues to influence the movies. Ryan looks at how his work changed Hollywood…

Looking back at Next

Next (2007)
Ryan Lambie News Jun 15, 2011

We take a look back at the Nic Cage sci-fi thriller Next, a deeply flawed film with a few decent ideas at its core...

Looking back at the 9 movie adaptations of Philip K Dick

Ryan Lambie News Mar 2, 2011

With The Adjustment Bureau about to arrive in cinemas, we take a look at Philip K Dick’s other adapted work, and those yet to come…

George Nolfi interview: The Adjustment Bureau and adapting Philip K Dick

Ryan Lambie Interview Mar 2, 2011

With The Adjustment Bureau out this Friday, we caught up with writer director George Nolfi to discuss the making of the film…

The Adjustment Bureau review

Ryan Lambie Review Feb 28, 2011

Matt Damon fights his fate in George Nolfi’s sci-fi romance, The Adjustment Bureau. Here’s Ryan’s review...

What we know about Len Wiseman’s Total Recall

Ryan Lambie News Jan 11, 2011

With Len Wiseman’s Total Recall movie definitely going ahead, we round up the latest news surrounding the project…

A Scanner Darkly Blu-ray review

Ryan Lambie Review Jul 5, 2010

Richard Linklater’s underrated Philip K Dick adaptation A Scanner Darkly has found the perfect home on Blu-ray, believes Ryan...

What styles defined specific eras of science fiction?

Flash Gordon
Rob McLaughlin News Jun 28, 2010

Science fiction writers of every generation had their own visions of the future, but what if their predictions became a reality? Rob dons his silver suit and delves into the archives to find out...