Phil Ford

Phil Ford remembers Gerry Anderson

Gerry Anderson - the man who brought high-budget, high-quality sci-fi to British screens
James Peaty Interview Dec 11, 2013

James talks to Captain Scarlet's Phil Ford about his memories of Gerry Anderson...

Phil Ford on Wizards Vs Aliens and The Sarah-Jane Adventures

James Peaty Interview Dec 3, 2013

We interview Phil Ford about Wizards vs Aliens, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Russell T Davies, Doctor Who and more...

Wizards Vs Aliens series 2 launch report

James Peaty Feature Oct 28, 2013

Starting today on CBBC, James reports back from the second series launch of Russell T Davies and Phil Ford's Wizards Vs Aliens...

Phil Ford interview: Wizards VS Aliens, Doctor Who, Lis Sladen, Torchwood, UFO & more

James Peaty Interview Dec 12, 2012

We continue our chat with TV writer Phil Ford, which takes in his time on Doctor Who, Torchwood and Wizards VS Aliens...

Phil Ford interview: Captain Scarlet, Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures & more

James Peaty Interview Dec 4, 2012

James sits down with TV writer Phil Ford to chat about Captain Scarlet, Doctor Who, The Sarah-Jane Adventures and more...

What we know about Russell T Davies' and Phil Ford’s Aliens Vs Wizards

Simon Brew News Feb 1, 2012

Russell T Davies and Phil Ford are teaming up for a brand new action adventure drama, Aliens Vs Wizards. And here’s what we know about it to date…

The Sarah Jane Adventures: series 4 line-up confirmed

Elisabeth Sladen in The Sarah Jane Adventures
Simon Brew News Jul 8, 2010

The episode titles, guest stars, directors and writers of the fourth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures are all revealed - plus when you can expect Matt Smith to turn up...