Peter Weller

Crime Classic: Paul Verhoeven's RoboCop

Ryan Lambie Feature May 29, 2014

We're holding a free screening of a crime classic of your choice next week. Here's a closer look at another option: the original RoboCop...

RoboCop: where are they now?

Simon Brew Feature Oct 22, 2013

Ever wondered what the cast and crew of 1987's RoboCop got up to after filming wrapped? Well, wonder no more...

Editing the original RoboCop for a PG-13

Ryan Lambie Feature Jul 25, 2013

Is it possible to tame the infamously violent RoboCop for a PG-13 rating, like next year's remake? And if so, what would be left of it?

Looking back at RoboCop 2

Andrew Reynolds Feature May 23, 2013

Widely regarded as an inferior sequel, RoboCop 2 has flashes of brilliance and lapses of logic. Andrew takes a look back...

In defence of the RoboCop remake (with vegetables)

Ryan Lambie Feature Sep 18, 2012

With the redesigned suit from the RoboCop remake causing a stir, Ryan mounts a defence of next year's remake...

Details of Peter Weller’s role in Star Trek revealed

Peter Weller
Glen Chapman News Dec 7, 2011

Following the news of his casting last week. it looks as though we now have an idea of the role Peter Weller will play in JJ Abrams' Star Trek sequel...

RoboCop signs up for JJ Abrams’ Star Trek sequel

Peter Weller
Simon Brew News Dec 5, 2011

Peter Weller is the latest to sign up to the cast of the Star Trek sequel...

Looking back at Leviathan

Ryan Lambie News Apr 4, 2011

We take a look back at Leviathan, a sci-fi horror hotchpotch of Alien, The Thing and Jaws, in which Peter Weller takes on a vodka-fuelled fish monster…

What we’d like to see in the RoboCop reboot

Ryan Lambie News Mar 14, 2011

As the RoboCop reboot finally gets a writer and director, we've got a wishlist of suggestions it really needs to follow if it wants to avoid RoboCop 3 hell...

Dexter season 5 episode 5 review: First Blood

Billy Grifter Review Oct 26, 2010

Julia Stiles continues to excel in the latest episode of Dexter, as the tension continues to mount...