Peter Berg

Mark Wahlberg confirmed as The Six Billion Dollar Man

Simon Brew News Nov 7, 2014

The Six Million Dollar Man is now The Six Billion Dollar Man. And he's Mark Wahlberg, too....

Mark Wahlberg linked to The Six Million Dollar Man

Simon Brew News Jul 3, 2014

Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg, off the back of Lone Survivor, may reunite for The Six Million Dollar Man...

Lone Survivor review

Ryan Lambie Review Jan 31, 2014

Mark Wahlberg stars in Peter Berg's war film, Lone Survivor. Here's Ryan's review of an intense and thrilling movie...

Peter Berg on Friday Night Lights and The Rundown 2

Glen Chapman News Dec 11, 2013

Peter Berg plays down another Friday Night Lights movie, and plays up a sequel to The Rundown, starring Dwayne Johnson.

Friday Night Lights: the sports drama that's not about sport

Glen Chapman Feature Feb 1, 2015

Glen talks us through the reasons Friday Night Lights is essential viewing whether you're a sports fan or not...

Peter Berg on why Battleship struggled

Simon Brew News Jun 26, 2012

If you want Battleship 2, you need to stop watching The Avengers and go and see Battleship 1...

Battleship review

Ryan Lambie Review Apr 10, 2012

Director Peter Berg takes to the ocean with the big-budget sci-fi action movie, Battleship. Here’s our review...

Peter Berg interview: directing Battleship, filming at sea, Kevin Costner, ILM effects and more

Ryan Lambie Interview Apr 2, 2012

Ahead of Battleship’s UK release, we met director Peter Berg to talk effects, aliens, and the perils of shooting movies at sea…

Battleship: first trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer Jul 27, 2011

Boats. Men in uniform. It’s the first trailer for Battleship, and you can see it right here…

Will Battleship degrade cinema? James Cameron thinks so

Ti Singh News Jan 18, 2011

Will Battleship really degrade cinema? We catch up wtih what James Cameron has been saying about it...