Pacific Rim 2

Guillermo del Toro: Pacific Rim 2 to lead into Pacific Rim 3

Simon Brew News Oct 17, 2014

We've not got Pacific Rim 2 yet. But already, Guillermo del Toro appears to be plotting Pacific Rim 3...

The growing influence of China on blockbuster cinema

Simon Brew Feature Sep 9, 2014

As Hollywood looks east, China's influence on blockbuster cinema is growing all the time, Simon writes...

Guillermo del Toro on what to expect from Pacific Rim 2

Simon Brew News Jul 4, 2014

Expect the Pacific Rim sequel to be far more than a rerun of the first film....

Pacific Rim 2 confirmed, set for 2017 release

Simon Brew News Jun 27, 2014

It's definite: Guillermo del Toro confirms that Pacific Rim 2 is coming, with a 2017 release date earmarked.

Guillermo del Toro on Pacific Rim 2

Simon Brew News Jun 9, 2014

Pacific Rim 2 will be a sequel not a prequel, Guillermo del Toro confirms, as he gives an update on the project...

The James Clayton Column: We need these sequels

James Clayton Feature Dec 6, 2013

This week, James considers the impact of film sequels, and comes up with a few he'd like to see himself. Robot & Frank Rises, anyone?

Guillermo del Toro writing Pacific Rim 2

Simon Brew News Oct 17, 2013

Work has begun on a screenplay for Pacific Rim 2, although Warner Bros hasn't yet greenlit the film...

Pacific Rim a hit in China: a sequel now likely?

Ryan Lambie News Aug 1, 2013

Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim opens to record breaking numbers in China, which reportedly makes a sequel more likely...

Work begins on Pacific Rim 2

Simon Brew News Dec 5, 2012

Pacific Rim might not be out until next summer, but writing has started on Pacific Rim 2...

Guillermo del Toro talks Heaven Sent and Pacific Rim 2

Mr del Toro. He's got himself a new job....
Glen Chapman News Nov 13, 2012

Having been linked with a dark superhero team up movie for DC and Warner Brothers, Guillermo del Toro shares his views.