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Star Wars on digital HD: trailers and pricing announced

Ryan Lambie News Apr 7, 2015

Update: all six Star Wars films are out as HD downloads on the 10th April. Prices and trailers have been revealed...

All six Star Wars films to be released by Disney?

The Star Wars logo.
Ryan Lambie News Oct 8, 2014

An Italian TV advert appears to confirm that all six Star Wars films will be released through Disney...

Star Wars original cuts on Blu-ray: the evidence

Ryan Lambie Feature Aug 19, 2014

Rumours suggest that original cuts of Star Wars are heading to Blu-ray. But how likely is that? Ryan weighs up the possibilities...

Original cuts of Star Wars reportedly heading to Blu-ray

The Star Wars logo.
Simon Brew News Aug 18, 2014

Rumours are getting stronger that the original theatrical Star Wars cuts will be getting a Blu-ray release...

Music in the movies: celebrating John Williams’ Star Wars original trilogy scores

Glen Chapman News Sep 12, 2011

In this week’s Music in the movies, Glen takes a timely look back at John Williams’ classic scores for the original Star Wars trilogy...