Oliver Stone

Snowden: Oliver Stone's new movie delayed to 2016

Simon Brew Trailer
Sep 15, 2015

Snowden, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, moves out of awards season, as the film is delayed until next year.

Nicolas Cage joins Oliver Stone’s Snowden film

David Crow News
Feb 24, 2015

Nicolas Cage is a US intelligence officer in the new Oliver Stone film on Edward Snowden. Joseph Gordon-Levitt also stars.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt confirmed in Edward Snowden role

Simon Brew News
Nov 11, 2014

Oliver Stone has cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play Edward Snowden in his new film, which shoots in early 2015...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt linked with Edward Snowden role for Oliver Stone

Simon Brew News
Sep 22, 2014

Oliver Stone is set to make a film of Edward Snowden's story, and is targeting Joseph Gordon-Levitt to star...

Films that contributed to a change in the law

Simon Brew Top 10
Aug 29, 2014

From fizzy drink sizes to video nasties to employment law, we look at the films that had an impact on legislation as well as culture...

Oliver Stone departs Martin Luther King biopic

Simon Brew News
Jan 20, 2014

Oliver Stone has parted company with the planned Martin Luther King biopic, and has explained why on Twitter...

Benicio Del Toro interview: Savages, The Wolfman and more

Luke Savage Interview
Sep 21, 2012

With Oliver Stone’s Savages out today in the UK, we met with its villain, Benicio Del Toro, for a chat…

The cast and crew of Scarface: where are they now?

James Peaty News
Sep 7, 2011

Out this week on Blu-ray, the Brian De Palma’s gangster picture Scarface remains a classic. We find out what its cast and crew got up to in the years after its release...

10 directors in need of a hit

Luke Holland Odd List
Apr 26, 2011

They’ve had their successes, and they clearly have talent. Yet all hasn't been going to plan. Luke looks at 10 directors in need of a critical and financial hit…

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps review

Simon Brew Review
Sep 29, 2010

How has Michael Douglas’ Gordon Gekko fared over the past two decades? After watching Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Simon still isn’t too sure…