Amazing Stories: Bryan Fuller on Steven Spielberg collaboration

Rob Leane News
Nov 4, 2015

Steven Spielberg and Bryan Fuller are reviving 1980s series Amazing Stories. Here’s what Fuller has said about the project…

Rupert Grint to star in a new comic book-themed TV pilot

Rob Leane News
Oct 29, 2015

Mr Rupert Grint is working on another pilot for NBC. It's a show about a comic book creator’s son…

Vincent D’Onofrio is NBC’s Wizard Of Oz

Rob Leane News
Oct 22, 2015

NBC’s Emerald City mini-series has added Kingpin himself, Vincent D’Onofrio, in the role of the Wizard of Oz…

American Horror Story: FX orders season 6

Rob Leane News
Nov 11, 2015

The American TV networks are at it again, deciding which shows to reward (American Horror Story) and which to cut short...

Taken: NBC orders full season of TV prequel

Rob Leane News
Sep 18, 2015

NBC has ordered a prequel series to Liam Neeson’s Taken films. It's set in the modern day, though...

Greg Berlanti developing pilot for Brides Of Dracula series

Rob Leane News
Sep 2, 2015

Greg Berlanti of Arrow and The Flash fame is working with Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to develop a series about Dracula's wives...

Time: new sci-fi series from The Shield and Supernatural creators in development

Rob Leane News
Aug 28, 2015

Time – from Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan – promises to be ‘Back To The Future meets Mission: Impossible.’ NBC has ordered a pilot...

Red: Warren Ellis’ comic series is becoming a TV show

Rob Leane News
Aug 17, 2015

It’s already inspired two films, but now it looks like Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner's Red is heading to the small screen…

Powerless: DC Comics-themed workplace comedy in development

Rob Leane News
Aug 17, 2015

DC Entertainment’s TV slate is expanding. Powerless will be NBC’s workplace comedy, set in a superhero world…

Heroes Reborn: premiere extended to two hours

Rob Leane News
Aug 14, 2015

Heroes Reborn will get a two-hour opening episode on NBC, on Thursday the 24th of September...