Heroes Reborn: digital prequel lands online

Rob Leane News Jul 27, 2015

You can watch the online-only prequel for Heroes Reborn here. It bridges the gap between the original series and the new version...

Lucy Lawless quashes Xena: Warrior Princess reboot rumours

Rob Leane News Jul 21, 2015

Lucy Lawless has taken to Twitter to shut down the rumours that Xena: Warrior Princess is due for a reboot at NBC...

Heroes Reborn: Comic-Con trailer lands online

Rob Leane News Jul 13, 2015

There's lots of new footage in this Heroes Reborn trailer, which originally screened at San Diego Comic-Con...

Heroes Reborn: Zachary Levi on his ‘tortured’ new character

Rob Leane News Jul 6, 2015

Speaking to Collider, Zachary Levi has revealed a few facts about his ‘grittier and dirtier’ new character for Heroes Reborn…

Hannibal: NBC cancellation, season 4 options, the future

Gabriel Bergmoser Feature Jun 26, 2015

What are the chances we'll see Hannibal season 4 after the NBC cancellation? We take a look at possible avenues for a return...

Heroes Reborn: full cast trailer, detailed synopsis

Rob Leane News Jun 26, 2015

This is more like it - a Heroes Reborn trailer that shows off its characters has now appeared online, with a synopsis. Have a look here...

Hannibal: NBC to cancel show after current season

Rob Leane News Jun 23, 2015

Season 3 of Hannibal will be its last at NBC, we've learned today. But could the cannibal-based show live on elsewhere?

Heroes Reborn: Cristina Rose's Angela Petrelli to return

Rob Leane News Jun 11, 2015

Heroes Reborn will see Cristina Rose back in the role of manipulative Angela Petrelli. It sounds like she's the last returnee to sign up...

Heroes Reborn: Greg Grunberg to return as Matt Parkman

Rob Leane News May 22, 2015

Telepathic detective Matt Parkman – as played by Greg Grunberg - will be returning to Heroes Reborn, it’s been confirmed…

Heroes Reborn: first official images surface online

Rob Leane News May 12, 2015

With Heroes returning this Autumn in the form of Heroes Reborn, the show is now in the promo stage. Here are some images...