Monty Python

Films paid for almost entirely by a wealthy(ish) benefactor

Simon Brew Odd List Aug 1, 2014

Without the help of some brave investors, or the pockets of their makers, the following films would never have existed...

Terry Gilliam interview: Zero Theorem, Twitter, 12 Monkeys

Ryan Lambie Interview Mar 14, 2014

We talk to the legendary director Terry Gilliam about his new film The Zero Theorem, 12 Monkeys, social media and much more...

The James Clayton Column: Sci-fi dread and the meaning of life

James Clayton Feature Mar 14, 2014

With Terry Gilliam's The Zero Theorem out today, James ponders the meaning of life and the movies...

Exclusive: Laika chasing Terry Gilliam for animated film

Ryan Lambie News Mar 13, 2014

A stop-motion film by Terry Gilliam? The director's exclusively revealed that the makers of Coraline have approached about making one...

Looking back at Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life

Neil McNally Feature Jun 15, 2012

The Meaning Of Life may have been the Monty Python team’s last film, but it was a great one. Neil takes a look back at the group’s 1983 swansong...

Holy Flying Circus DVD review

Andrew Blair Review Feb 9, 2012

A comedy drama detailing the furore surrounding the release of The Life Of Brian in 1979, Holy Flying Circus is both thought-provoking and funny, Andrew writes...

10 top comedy cameos

Mark Oakley Odd List May 5, 2010

With Chevy Chase popping up in Hot Tub Time Machine this week, Mark salutes some of the finest comedy cameos to hit the big screen...

10 great performances by actors tackling multiple roles in the same film

Mark Harrison News Mar 30, 2010

We celebrate some of the finest performances by actors tackling multiple roles in the same films. But is there any room for Eddie?

Top 5 Monty Python moments

Blimey, I wasn't expecting this...
Robert Mclaughlin Odd List Jun 12, 2009

Rob looks back at one of telly's best loved comedies...