Monsters Inc

Inside Out review

Andrew Blair Review Jun 24, 2015

Pixar's latest movie, Inside Out, shows us the world through the eyes of our emotions. Be warned: some of those emotions might leak out...

Monsters University review

Louisa Mellor Review Jun 10, 2013

Campus comedy with a heart, Pixar's Monsters University, is funny, terrific-looking, and a treat for fans of the original…

Brad Bird on The Incredibles 2

The Incredibles
Glen Chapman News May 17, 2013

The Pixar sequel that we all really want is The Incredibles 2. But is it any closer to being made?

Exclusive new character artwork for Monsters University

Simon Brew News Apr 15, 2013

Cast your eyes on some new and exclusive artwork from Disney/Pixar's upcoming Monsters University...!

New trailer for Pixar's Monsters University

Simon Brew Trailer Feb 11, 2013

The prequel to Monsters Inc arrives from Pixar this summer. Here's the new trailer for Monsters University...

Re-releases, Disney, The Little Mermaid and value for money

Simon Brew Feature Jan 22, 2013

As Disney pulls its planned cinema re-release of The Little Mermaid, Simon asks whether we’re getting good value from big screen reissues.

Poster released for Monsters Inc 3D

Simon Brew Poster Sep 5, 2012

Mike isn't going to be buying a ticket for Monsters Inc 3D by the looks of this poster...

Tia Kratter interview: Brave’s art direction, Monsters Inc and more

Mark Harrison Interview Aug 8, 2012

In the second of our interviews with the makers of Brave, we talk to art director Tia Kratter about the movie, Monsters Inc, and much more…

The 10 best films of Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal
Glen Chapman Odd List Feb 23, 2012

As he prepares to host the Academy Awards once more, we chart the movie highlights of Billy Crystal's career...

Disney announces more big screen re-releases

The Little Mermaid
Simon Brew News Oct 5, 2011

The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc are all heading back to the big screen. In 3D.