Michel Gondry

EIFF 2014: Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy? review

Andrew Blair Review Jun 25, 2014

Like Michel Gondry? Or Noam Chomsky? If you like both, this'll be a real treat...

Exclusive: Michel Gondry "still working" on Ubik adaptation

Ryan Lambie News May 6, 2014

Director Michel Gondry has told us that he's still working on an adaptation of Philip K Dick's sci-fi novel, Ubik...

The Green Hornet review

Simon Brew Review Jan 10, 2011

The long-in-gestation movie of The Green Hornet arrives, seemingly dumped in a January slot. But is the film any good? Here's our review.

Exclusive: The Green Hornet action featurette

Simon Brew Feature Jan 7, 2011

Go behind the scenes of the incoming The Green Hornet, with a look at some of the film's action work...

New stills from The Green Hornet fly in

The Green Hornet
Ryan Lambie News Jul 29, 2010

Action stills arrive for Michel Gondry’s comic book adaptation The Green Hornet…

Why Nicolas Cage left The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet
Simon Brew News Sep 17, 2009

He was supposed to be the villain in The Green Hornet. So, Nicolas Cage: what happened?