Men In Black 3

10 directors who made belated returns to their franchises

Ryan Lambie Top 10 Apr 4, 2014

From Francis Ford Coppola to George Miller, we take a look at 10 directors who made belated returns to the franchises they created...

Rick Baker interview: Men In Black 3, werewolves and Videodrome

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To mark Men In Black 3’s arrival on DVD and Blu-ray, here’s our interview with special make-up effects master, Rick Baker...

Sony to make Men In Black 4

Men In Black
Simon Brew News Jul 20, 2012

Men In Black 3 made its money. Men In Black 4 is following next...

Men In Black 3 becomes most successful in franchise

Men In Black 3
Simon Brew News Jul 2, 2012

Sony has comfortably won its gamble to bring back the Men In Black, as MiB 3 becomes the biggest grossing film in the series yet.

Will Men In Black 3's success lead to Ghostbusters 3?

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As Sony wins its box office gamble with Men In Black 3, might that pave the way for the studio to bring the Ghostbusters back?

Are movie trilogies better when they keep the same director?

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Does it make for a better trilogy if the same director helms each instalment? Simon looks at the case for and against...

The James Clayton Column: Film franchises that should take a timewarp

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James salutes Men in Black 3's timey wimey plot and has a few suggestions for other film franchises that could go in a similar direction...

Inside view: why does Hollywood skimp on the script?

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Dan Turner argues that the screenplay is the one thing that Hollywood really shouldn't cut corners on...