Megan Ellison

Jai Courtney reiterates PG-13 likely for Terminator: Genesys

Simon Brew News Oct 10, 2014

The new Terminator film won't be R-rated after all, as Jai Courtney becomes the latest to all-but-confirm a PG-13 rating. Plus: sequel news.

Starship Troopers remake talk resurfaces

Simon Brew News Jun 2, 2014

Annapurna Pictures' Megan Ellison, currently working on the Terminator reboot, hints at a new Starship Troopers...

Work set to begin on two new Terminator movies?

Simon Brew News Dec 4, 2012

Financing of the new Terminator movies now seems to be finally moving. The race is now on to make two new films before 2019...

Why Terminator 5 hasn’t happened yet

Simon Brew News Oct 12, 2012

What happened to the once strongly-mooted Terminator 5? Well, it remains in limbo, and one or two details about it have sprung up...