Mark Ruffalo

Beefed up roles for Hawkeye and Hulk in Avengers 2

Simon Brew News Apr 2, 2014

Kevin Feige confirms there are bigger parts to play for Hawkeye and Hulk in Joss Whedon's Avengers: Age Of Ultron...

Mark Ruffalo on a standalone Hulk movie

Simon Brew News Jan 20, 2014

Mark Ruffalo remains interested in a standalone Hulk film, and wants it to have an eco flavour to it...

Mark Ruffalo on The Avengers 2 cast rumours

Simon Brew News May 14, 2013

Will The Avengers cast be returning for The Avengers 2? Mark Ruffalo has one or two things to say...

Mark Ruffalo on future Hulk movies

Simon Brew News Mar 7, 2013

The current Hulk, Mark Ruffalo, takes to Twitter to briefly talk about The Avengers 2, and standalone Hulk movies...

First trailer for Now You See Me

Trailer Nov 19, 2012

A promising looking thriller, from the director of The Incredible Hulk. Here's the first trailer for Now You See Me...

Marvel's Kevin Feige on a new Hulk movie

Glen Chapman News Sep 22, 2012

Is another Hulk movie on the cards? If so, how long will we have to wait? Kevin Feige provides an update...

Is a standalone Hulk movie back on the cards?

The Avengers
Simon Brew News May 1, 2012

Might The Incredible Hulk, as played by Mark Ruffalo, get a big budget movie of his own in 2015?

Mark Ruffalo interview: The Avengers, fan reactions, and playing The Hulk in six more movies

Michael Leader Interview Apr 25, 2012

In an enlightening interview, actor Mark Ruffalo chats about playing Banner in The Avengers, fan opinion, and the possibility of six more Hulk movies...

The Avengers: Mark Ruffalo on the "brutal" fan reaction to his casting as The Hulk

The Avengers
Simon Brew News Apr 20, 2012

When he was cast as The Hulk in Marvel's The Avengers, Mark Ruffalo took a moment to check out the fan reaction to the news: "I won't do that again"!

The Avengers: Mark Ruffalo discusses potential Hulk spin off

The Avengers banner
Glen Chapman News Apr 14, 2012

A third Hulk movie in a little over a decade could be a possibility according to the latest actor to play Bruce Banner/The Hulk....