Mark Ruffalo

Thor: Ragnarok - director gives new details

Simon Brew News
Feb 1, 2016

Thor 3 director Taika Waititi on where next for the Hulk, the return of Loki, and Cate Blanchett...

Hulk: Mark Ruffalo on the character’s future

Simon Brew News
Jan 29, 2016

There's no standalone movie coming, but there is the equivalent of one, says Mark Ruffalo of Hulk...

Spotlight review

Mark Harrison Review
Jan 29, 2016

Superb performances are at the heart of one of the Oscar frontrunners, Spotlight. Here's our review...

Thor: Ragnarok is "a universal road movie"

Simon Brew News
Jan 21, 2016

Mark Ruffalo has been chatting about what to expect from Thor 3...

Thor: Ragnarok adding Cate Blanchett

Simon Brew News
Dec 11, 2015

Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo look set to be joined by Cate Blanchett for Thor 3...

Thor: Ragnarok - what should we expect?

Rob Leane Feature
Nov 11, 2015

Marvel’s next Asgardian-tinged movie will be Thor: Ragnarok. Here’s everything we know so far…

Hulk movie "feels even further away"

Simon Brew News
Nov 2, 2015

Don't expect Mark Ruffalo to have a standalone Hulk adventure anytime soon...

Thor: Ragnarok is "a buddy picture" says Mark Ruffalo

Simon Brew News
Oct 29, 2015

Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo are set to team up for Thor: Ragnarok. Although there will still be fighting...

Confirmed: Thor: Ragnarok to feature Mark Ruffalo's Hulk

Simon Brew News
Oct 16, 2015

It's definite: Hulk will be returning to the Marvel cinematic universe in Thor 3...

Thor: Ragnarok potentially to feature Mark Ruffalo's Hulk

Simon Brew News
Oct 13, 2015

Could Hulk join forces with Chris Hemsworth's Thor in Thor: Ragnarok?