27 questions nobody ever asks about the movies

Mark Pickavance Odd List Oct 1, 2009

We ask lots of questions every day about the movies. But why do this lot never seem to make the list?

10 underappreciated current generation gems

Harry Slater Top 10 Sep 30, 2009

What are the games around at the moment that are being unfairly overlooked? Harry puts forward his choices...

10 inspired voice actor castings

Gaye Birch Top 10 Sep 28, 2009

Gaye selects ten of the finest voice characterisations to make it to the movies...

Top 10 movie re-edits

Play it again. Matt...
Martin Anderson Top 10 Sep 22, 2009

Here are the films that benefited from a loving second-look in the editing suite...

Top 10 X-Files episodes

Nina Sordi Top 10 Sep 22, 2009

Nina offers her selection of the 10 best X-Files episodes of all time...

The Top 10 Games of 2009 So Far

Resident Evil 5
Harry Slater Top 10 Sep 20, 2009

This year has turned up some innovative next-gen stunners as well as some welcome old favourites...

Top 10 unmade DC films

James Hunt Top 10 Sep 17, 2009

DC comics have a vast stable of characters to offer moviedom...and perhaps it's even time for the Boy Wonder to go it alone...?

5 things we want from the next Indiana Jones film

Simon Brew Odd List Sep 15, 2009

With the news that a story for Indiana Jones 5 is now in place, we put together our wishlist of what we do - and don't - want in the next film...

Top 10 unmade Marvel films

The clashes of Titans to come...
James Hunt Top 10 Sep 15, 2009

With thousands of characters to choose from, here are the lesser-touted Marvel heroes most likely to get our ticket-stubs...

10 videogames to look forward to in 2010

Harry Slater Odd List Sep 14, 2009

With many big titles getting shunted to next year, 2010 is shaping up to be quite a year for videogames. Here's Harry's choice of the 10 to most look forward to...