The movies of Michael J Fox by star rating

Carley Tauchert Odd List Aug 6, 2009

From Teenwolf and Back To The Future, through to Mars Attacks! and the mighty The Hard Way, we put Michael J Fox's career under the microscope...

Top 10 Angel episodes

Carley Tauchert Top 10 Aug 5, 2009

What are the best ten episodes of Joss Whedon's Angel? We've got our suggestions right here...

Top 10 videogames that deserve modern remakes

Beneath A Steel Sky
Harry Slater Top 10 Aug 2, 2009

Everyone seems to be criticising remake-mania these days, but Harry thinks it might have some useful work to do...

Top 10 Movie Franchises that took a wrong turn

Look upon thy works and despair...
Top 10 Jul 30, 2009

How hard can it be to take something everyone loves and give people a bit more of it? Apparently it is rocket science after all...

10 franchises that carried on when their main star left

Simon Brew Odd List Jul 28, 2009

Can a movie franchise survive the departure of its major star? And what happens to both afterwards? We've been finding out...

The ten best Blackadder episodes

Oh how awfully tedious it is posing for these article illustrations. Can't you paint faster...?
Top 10 Jul 26, 2009

This British comedy classic TV show has yielded many a corker, and here, in Adam's opinion, are the cream of the crop...

10 videogames that would make terrible movies

What, no Bioshock movie...?
Harry Slater Top 10 Jul 26, 2009

Having recommended some game to movie adaptations, Harry now gets his red pencil out and picks the games filmmakers should avoid...

Top 10 Buffy The Vampire Slayer episodes

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Carley Tauchert Top 10 Jul 23, 2009

Carley takes her own stab at picking the 10 best of 145 Buffy The Vampire Slayer episodes - a painful whittling process...

10 videogames that would make great movies

Harry Slater Odd List Jul 22, 2009

Fed up of terrible movies based on videogames? Harry picks ten games that could, should (and in some cases will) make great films...