Laurence Fishburne

Trailer for sci-fi film The Signal, with Laurence Fishburne

Simon Brew Trailer Mar 20, 2014

Laurence Fishburne returns to sci-fi with The Signal, due in cinemas later this year. Here's the trailer...

First full Hannibal season 2 trailer

Louisa Mellor Trailer Jan 20, 2014

Hannibal returns to NBC on the 28th of February. Here's the first full season two trailer...

Hannibal episode 2 review: Amuse-Bouche

Laura Akers Review Apr 14, 2013

Tightly written, psychologically intriguing, and well-acted, NBC's Hannibal is something to be savoured...

Hannibal episode 1 review: Aperitif

Laura Akers Review Apr 8, 2013

Mads Mikkelsen steps inside Dr Lecter's skin in NBC's new 13-part psychological crime drama, Hannibal, a show with definite potential...

Boyz N The Hood Blu-ray review

Stu Anderson Review Sep 13, 2011

Now 20 years old, John Singleton’s Oscar-nominated debut Boyz N The Hood arrives on Blu-ray. Here’s Stu’s review of an enduringly brilliant film…

Laurence Fishburne joins Superman: Man Of Steel

Laurence Fishburne
Simon Brew News Aug 3, 2011

Clark Kent has a new boss in the Superman reboot, as Laurence Fishburne joins the cast of Man Of Steel…

Summer Blockbuster Preview: Predators

Ryan Lambie Preview May 23, 2010

Can the influence of producer Robert Rodriguez get the Predator franchise back on track? We look ahead to the upcoming summer blockbuster, Predators...