Laura Akers

Castle season 7 episode 23 review: Hollander's Woods

Laura Akers Review May 21, 2015

Castle season 7 bows out on a sentimental note, and lacking in suspense. But here's hoping that season 8 will be an improvement...

Castle season 7 episode 22 review: Dead From New York

Laura Akers Review May 11, 2015

Castle season 7 episode 21 review: In Plane Sight

Laura Akers Review May 4, 2015

This episode of Castle gets the mystery spot-on, even if it's missing the show's usual Beckett-Castle chemistry...

Vikings season 3 episode 8 review: To The Gates

Laura Akers Review Apr 14, 2015

This week's long-awaited battle takes a back seat to what it means to Vikings' characters in season 3...

Vikings season 3 interview: Katheryn Winnick on fight scenes & gender

Laura Akers Interview Apr 14, 2015

We chat to Vikings' Lagertha, Katheryn Winnick about the battlefield, sexual politics and Viking women...

Vikings season 3 interview: Clive Standen on Rollo, myth & more

Laura Akers Interview Apr 13, 2015

Clive Standen, the actor behind Vikings' Rollo, talks to us about Norse mythology, fight scenes, and historical accuracy in drama...

Vikings season 3 episode 7 review: Paris

Laura Akers Review Apr 9, 2015

The Vikings finally reach the long-promised city of Paris in this week's episode of The History Channel's excellent period drama...

Castle season 7 episode 19 review: Habeas Corpse

Laura Akers Review Apr 7, 2015

The case, not just the cast, really shines in this week's episode of Castle, Habeas Corpse...

Castle season 7 episode 18 review: At Close Range

Laura Akers Review Mar 31, 2015

Castle devotes its most recent episode to the Ryan/Esposito bromance that's been a mainstay of the show for seasons...

Vikings season 3 episode 5 review: The Usurper

Laura Akers Review Mar 23, 2015

Are Ecbert and Ragnar good men? Vikings continues to explore the moral ramifications of ruling in this week's episode, The Ursurper...