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House of Cards season 2 review

Michael Noble Review Feb 17, 2014

The new season of Netflix's House of Cards sees Frank Underwood wielding even greater power. Here's our review...

House of Cards renewed for season 3

Michael Noble News Feb 5, 2014

Netflix confirms an order for more episodes of its flagship drama…

New House Of Cards season 2 trailer

Louisa Mellor Trailer Jan 6, 2014

Netflix has debuted a new trailer for House Of Cards season two...

New trailer for House of Cards season 2

Michael Noble Trailer Dec 13, 2013

Netflix original House of Cards returns in February. Here's the trailer...

Netflix confirms release date for House Of Cards season 2

Michael Noble News Dec 5, 2013

The second season of political drama House Of Cards to be made available for streaming in February. See the trailer here...

House Of Cards spoiler-free review

Michael Noble Review Feb 4, 2013

Want to know whether to give Netflix's US House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey a chance? Here's Michael's spoiler-free review...

First trailer for Margin Call

Margin Call
Simon Brew Trailer Jul 26, 2011

Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons and Zachary Quinto star in new financial thriller, Margin Call. And the first trailer shows real promise…

Horrible Bosses review

Ron Hogan Review Jul 11, 2011

A stellar cast and no reluctance to go for an R-rating, Ron discovers Horrible Bosses has its fair share of laughs. But should it still have been better?

A Bug's Life Blu-ray review

A Bug's Life
Mark Pickavance Review Dec 17, 2010

Pixar’s classic second feature, A Bug’s Life, finally makes its high-definition debut. Here’s Mark’s review…

A Bug's Life: where are they now?

A Bug's Life
Mark Pickavance News Dec 6, 2010

Pixar’s classic A Bug’s Life brought together an amazingly talented group of people. As the film makes its Blu-ray debut, we find out what happened to its cast…