Katherine Parkinson

Comparing Humans to Swedish original, Real Humans

Louisa Mellor Feature
Aug 6, 2015

Channel 4’s Humans is adapted from Lars Lundström’s Swedish Äkta Människor. How close are the two dramas, and where do they differ?

Humans: 12 questions left unanswered by the series 1 finale

Louisa Mellor Feature
Aug 4, 2015

Now that the series 1 finale has aired, what questions does Humans have left to answer in series 2?

Humans episode 8 review

Michael Noble Review
Aug 2, 2015

Was the Humans finale as thoughtful as the preceding episodes? Here's Michael's review...

Humans renewed for series 2

Louisa Mellor News
Jul 31, 2015

Channel 4 and AMC have ordered a further eight episodes of sci-fi drama Humans, which concludes in the UK this Sunday...

Humans episode 7 review

Michael Noble Review
Jul 26, 2015

The penultimate episode of Humans, are the synths any closer to acceptance? Here's Michael's review...

Humans episode 6 review

Michael Noble Review
Jul 19, 2015

Some answers are provided in this week's Humans, but the lines are still blurred. Here's Michael's review...

Humans: writers Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley interview

Louisa Mellor Feature
Jul 17, 2015

The writers of Channel 4's Humans, currently airing on Sunday nights, talk to us about AI, emotionally complex sci-fi, and series two...

Humans episode 5 review

Michael Noble Review
Jul 12, 2015

The gap between humans and their synths is narrowing. Is that a good thing? Here's Michael's review of Humans episode 5...

Humans episode 4 review

Michael Noble Review
Jul 5, 2015

Is it fear that makes us human, or something else? Here's Michael's review of a cracking episode of Channel 4's Humans...

Humans episode 3 review

Michael Noble Review
Jun 28, 2015

Do synths qualify as people? And if so, why? Here's Michael's review of Humans' impressively acted third episode...