Justin Springer

Disney pressing ahead with live action Dumbo movie

Simon Brew News Jul 9, 2014

The writer of the last three Transformers films is penning a live action take on Dumbo for Disney...

Tron: Legacy: An interview with producer Justin Springer

Tron: Legacy producer Justin Springer
Ryan Lambie Interview Dec 8, 2010

In our latest interview ahead of the release of Tron: Legacy, we caught up with its producer Justin Springer to talk about special effects, 3D and Easter eggs...

Interview: Justin Springer and Steven Lisberger, co-producers of Tron: Legacy

Ryan Lambie Interview Dec 2, 2010

We caught up with the co-producers of the forthcoming Tron: Legacy, Justin Springer and Steven Lisberger, to discuss the making of the film, and Lisberger’s creation of the classic original...