John Lasseter

Inside Out: Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera spoiler-y interview

Louisa Mellor Interview Jul 27, 2015

We chatted to the director and producer of Pixar’s terrific new film, Inside Out, about its development, breakthroughs and storytelling…

Toy Story 4 will be a "separate story" from the trilogy

Toy Story 3
Simon Brew News Mar 6, 2015

Toy Story 4 will be more of a romantic comedy, with a different approach to the existing Toy Story trilogy...

Toy Story 4 confirmed, new director details

Toy Story 3
Simon Brew News Mar 13, 2015

UPDATE: PIxar has announced a co-director to work with John Lasseter on Toy Story 4.

The movie directors who could use a good boss

Simon Brew Ed Kegenof Odd List Jun 20, 2014

They're talented, individual, but could, possibly, do with a bit of editorial guidance. Could these directors use a boss, we wonder?

Planes review

Simon Brew Review Aug 7, 2013

Disney takes Pixar's Cars franchise to the skies with Planes, and loses a fair bit in the process...

Disney/Marvel announce new major animated film, Big Hero 6

Simon Brew News May 9, 2013

The big new animated movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios in 2014? It's going to be based on a Marvel property....

The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out and more: Pixar news round-up

Ryan Lambie News Jan 2, 2013

Pictures and information snippets from Pixar's future movies have been gradually emerging. Here they are in one handy post...

Brave press conference: Pixar discusses the making of the film

Mark Harrison Interview Aug 9, 2012

In the last of our interviews in the run up to Brave’s UK release, Mark brings us a report from its June press conference...

The bizarre Pixar backlash

Simon Brew Feature Jun 28, 2012

Off the back of reviews of Brave, some are implying that Pixar may have peaked, and that its best days are gone. Has the world gone mad, wonders Simon?

John Lasseter interview: Cars 2, Pixar, Disney, The Muppets, Frankenweenie and more

Simon Brew Interview Jul 19, 2011

Disney Animation Studios and Pixar chief creative officer, John Lasseter, chats to us about animation, making Cars 2, and the British rain…