John Carter

John Carter: three new banners

Ryan Lambie News Dec 5, 2011

They’re big, narrow, and full of exotic creatures. Check out the three fabulous banners from Disney’s John Carter here…

Full trailer for John Carter arrives: a 2012 must see?

John Carter
Simon Brew Trailer Dec 1, 2011

This one looks like it’s been well worth waiting for. Here’s the first full trailer for Andrew Stanton’s John Carter…

An early look at the forthcoming John Carter trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer Nov 30, 2011

It’s less than a minute long, but this preview of the new John Carter trailer’s full of action, exotic ships and angry aliens. Take a look here…

Andrew Stanton Q&A: making John Carter, the importance of animators, and the secret of Pixar’s success

Ryan Lambie News Nov 29, 2011

John Stanton talks about the process of making the forthcoming John Carter, and just why Pixar movies are so brilliant, in a fascinating Q&A…

John Carter: our thoughts on 20 minutes of footage that we've seen

Ryan Lambie News Nov 25, 2011

Earlier this month, we were treated to a 20-minute preview of John Carter. Here are our impressions of Andrew Stanton’s forthcoming sci-fi epic…

First trailer arrives for John Carter

John Carter
Ryan Lambie Trailer Jul 14, 2011

It’s got martians, action, and lots of great alien architecture. It’s the first trailer for Andrew Stanton’s forthcoming John Carter...

What we know about John Carter

Ryan Lambie News Jun 19, 2011

We take a look at John Carter’s long journey from the printed page to the big screen, and at Andrew Stanton’s adaptation, due out next year...