John Carter

Why John Carter is Star Wars for a new generation

Duncan Bowles News Mar 20, 2012

John Carter hasn’t exactly soared at the box office, but as Duncan explains, it’s still a wonderful family fantasy in the tradition of Star Wars…

Hollywood’s love affair with expensive movies

Ryan Lambie News Mar 12, 2012

As John Carter kicks off the season of big-budget movies early, we take a closer look at Hollywood’s enduring love of producing expensive pictures…

John Carter’s weekend box office above expectations, hope for a sequel yet?

John Carter
Simon Brew News Mar 12, 2012

How the international box office takings of Andrew Stanton’s John Carter movie might just have rescued its commercial fortunes…

The James Clayton Column: Looking for Lovecraft

James Clayton News Mar 8, 2012

As John Carter and The Raven bring American literature of the past up to date, James wonders if it isn’t about time Hollywood got around to making a Lovecraft movie…

Does John Carter break the Edgar Rice Burroughs movie curse?

Terence Bowman News Mar 7, 2012

Adaptations of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ novels haven’t fared well in the past, so can Andrew Stanton’s John Carter break the cycle? Terence finds out...

John Carter comics in 'pornography' lawsuit

Warlord of Mars #8 John Carter Dynamite comics
CJ Wheeler News Mar 6, 2012

The Edgar Rice Burroughs estate is suing comics publishers for alleged intellectual property infringement. CJ wonders what all the tort's about...

John Carter review

Ryan Lambie Review Mar 1, 2012

Andrew Stanton makes the jump from Pixar animation to live action with the lavish John Carter. But is it any good? Here’s our review…

New trailer for John Carter

John Carter
Simon Brew Trailer Feb 29, 2012

A brand new trailer for Disney’s incoming John Carter, which might just be the first must-see blockbuster of the year…

10 potentially great sci-fi movies coming in 2012

Ryan Lambie Odd List Dec 13, 2011

From big-budget Hollywood tentpoles to tiny indie features, 2012 is full of sci-fi. Here are 10 potentially great genre films due to land next year...

The top 25 must-see movies of 2012

Simon Brew Odd List Dec 8, 2011

Next year’s full to bursting with exciting movies, so to help out a little, here’s our pick of 25 must-see movies out in 2012…