Jenna Coleman

Doctor Who update: Jenna Coleman on Clara, Moffat on Listen

Rob Leane News Aug 27, 2014

Cast and crew have been discussing Doctor Who and forthcoming episode, Listen. Here’s an update…

Doctor Who: Deep Breath, identity, and furious mirrors

Louisa Mellor Feature Aug 26, 2014

In between all the dinosaur and robot action, the Doctor Who series 8 opener was packed with emotional insights...

Doctor Who series 8: Into The Dalek spoiler-free review

Simon Brew Review Aug 27, 2014

Witty, exciting, and with no shortage of ideas, Into The Dalek is a real treat of a Doctor Who episode...

Doctor Who series 8: Deep Breath review

Simon Brew Review Aug 23, 2014

A dinosaur, robots, and a new Doctor. What did Simon make of Peter Capaldi's series 8 debut, Deep Breath?

Doctor Who: lots of new Deep Breath images

Rob Leane News Aug 19, 2014

The Doctor, Clara and the TARDIS pop up in a bunch of new Doctor Who promo pictures...

Rumour: big casting change ahead for Doctor Who?

Rob Leane News Aug 18, 2014

Let's start the week with a tabloid rumour: could a big casting change on Doctor Who be imminent?

Doctor Who: Jenna Coleman on Capaldi's Doctor, air time confirmed

Rob Leane News Aug 14, 2014

The start time for the Doctor Who series 8 opener is confirmed, as Jenna Coleman chats about the new Doctor.

Doctor Who series 8: Deep Breath gets a teaser trailer

Rob Leane Trailer Aug 12, 2014

Watch the trailer for Peter Capaldi’s debut Doctor Who outing, Deep Breath, right here…

Doctor Who: Deep Breath premiere Q&A

Louisa Mellor Interview Aug 8, 2014

Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat talk accents, flirting, Capaldi’s first day on the TARDIS and more…

Doctor Who series 8: Deep Breath spoiler-free review

Simon Brew Review Aug 7, 2014

Peter Capaldi takes over the TARDIS in Doctor Who series 8 episode 1. Here are our spoiler-free thoughts on Deep Breath...