Jason Segel

Jason Segel & Drew Pearce writing, directing new LEGO spin-off movie

Simon Brew News Mar 26, 2015

Add another LEGO movie to the schedules, as The Billion Brick Race will mark Drew Pearce and Jason Segel's feature directing debut.

Red band trailer for Sex Tape

Simon Brew Trailer Apr 1, 2014

Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz star in Sex Tape. Here's a rude trailer for it...

The geek credentials of How I Met Your Mother

James Stansfield Feature Aug 29, 2013

James makes the case for just how geeky CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, soon to enter its ninth season, really is...

Top 10 films Of 2012: The Muppets

The Muppets
Simon Brew Feature Dec 27, 2012

Our countdown of our favourite films of 2012 arrives at the cinematic revival of The Muppets...

This Is The End red band trailer

Simon Brew Trailer Dec 21, 2012

Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill and more join together for an end of the world comedy, This Is The End...

Jason Segel interview: Five Year Engagement, Muppets, Freaks & Geeks

Simon Brew Interview Jun 18, 2012

We sit down with Jason Segel, star and writer of The Five Year Engagement, to chat about the film, The Muppets, and Freaks & Geeks…

The Five Year Engagement review

The Five Year Engagement
Ron Hogan Review Apr 30, 2012

Jason Segel and Emily Blunt star in the comedy drama, The Five Year Engagement. Here’s Ron’s review of a meandering yet sometimes charming movie...

New details of Muppets sequel emerge

The Muppets
Simon Brew News Apr 16, 2012

The next The Muppets film might be with us as early as next year, and is set to follow in the spirit of The Great Muppet Caper…

Jason Segel confirms he won’t be back for Muppets sequel

The Muppets
Simon Brew News Mar 5, 2012

It’s definite: Jason Segel won’t be writing the next Muppets movie, as he reveals he’s pursuing other projects…

Brand new The Muppets movie on the way

Simon Brew News Mar 1, 2012

It's happening: The Muppets will be back on the big screen, with a brand new movie. We might just have everything that we need...