Jason Bourne

Bourne 5 pushed back a year

Simon Brew News Jun 19, 2014

The follow-up to The Bourne Legacy has been pushed back from 2015 to 2016.

The James Clayton Column: Jeremy Renner, Mr Everything

James Clayton Feature

As Jeremy Renner prepares to fill Matt Damon’s empty shoes in The Bourne Legacy, James salutes the actor’s irresistible rise at the multiplex…

Jeremy Renner set to headline Bourne franchise?

Simon Brew News Apr 4, 2011

There won’t be Jason Bourne in The Bourne Legacy. But according to a new report, there may well be Jeremy Renner…

Matt Damon leaves door open for future Bourne film

Simon Brew News Oct 28, 2010

There may yet be a future Jason Bourne film with Matt Damon starring, and Paul Greengrass directing, according to the actor…

Matt Damon on The Bourne Legacy: “nobody bothered to call”

Simon Brew News Oct 26, 2010

The character of Jason Bourne is definitely not appearing in the upcoming The Bourne Legacy. And, according to Matt Damon, it seems nobody even asked…

Bourne 4 gets another writer

Simon Brew News Aug 21, 2009

The next Bourne movie is still aiming for a 2011 release, but it's taking a new writer to get it there...