James Hunt

Revisiting Star Trek TNG: Justice

James Hunt Review
Nov 9, 2012

After a brief interlude, James' weekly Star Trek: TNG season one look-back returns with an episode that's best avoided...

Revisiting Star Trek TNG: Lonely Among Us

James Hunt Review
Oct 19, 2012

In his weekly season one reappraisal, James comes to a TNG episode best avoided. Here's his review of Lonely Among Us...

Revisiting Star Trek TNG: Where No-One Has Gone Before

James Hunt Review
Oct 12, 2012

James comes to a Wesley-centric episode in his weekly reappraisal of Star Trek: TNG's first season...

Revisiting Star Trek TNG: The Last Outpost

James Hunt Review
Oct 5, 2012

After a couple of dodgy instalments, James' TNG look-back comes to a very watchable episode. Here's his review of The Last Outpost...

Revisiting Star Trek TNG: Code Of Honor

James Hunt Review
Sep 28, 2012

James continues his weekly look-back at TNG's first season with Code Of Honor, "...possibly the worst piece of Star Trek ever made"...

Revisiting Star Trek TNG: The Naked Now

James Hunt Review
Sep 21, 2012

James looks back at the decidedly dodgy second episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation's first season...

Revisiting Star Trek TNG: Encounter At Farpoint

James Hunt Review
Sep 14, 2012

In a new weekly series, James revisits the first ever episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, now remastered and released on Blu-Ray...

In praise of Adam Buxton's BUG

James Hunt Feature
Aug 20, 2012

With just two more episodes of Adam Buxton's glorious BUG left in the series, James tips his hat to a show that's made a successful transition from stage to the small screen...

Who is Ant-Man?

James Hunt Feature
May 11, 2012

With Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man movie taking a step towards production, James explains who this Marvel character is...

Who are the Guardians Of The Galaxy?

James Hunt Feature
Jul 3, 2012

Already confirmed as Marvel’s big 2014 movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy is a less widely known superhero property. Here’s James to provide a bit of background information...