James Hunt

Misfits Series 1 DVD review

James Hunt Review Mar 24, 2010

If you've not had the pleasure yet, James explains why the first series of Misfits makes for a must-buy DVD...

Lost season 6 episode 8 review

James Hunt Review Mar 18, 2010

It's taken a while, but finally Lost's final season hits a duff episode. It's even more surprising given that Sawyer's taking centre stage...

Lost season 6 episode 7 review

Lost: Dr. Linus
James Hunt Review Mar 11, 2010

Michael Emerson steps into the spotlight, as the latest Lost focuses on Benjamin Linus. And it's another cracking episode...

How you can help save BBC Radio 6music and the Asian Network

James Hunt News Mar 4, 2010

The BBC has announced plans to close two of its radio outlets - 6music and the Asian Network. But you can help save them...

Lost season 6 episode 6 review

Lost: Sundown
James Hunt Review Mar 4, 2010

Sayid steps into the spotlight this week, as Lost's final season continues to excel...

Lost season 6 episode 5 review

Lost: Lighthouse
James Hunt Review Feb 24, 2010

The first Jack-centric episode of Lost's final season rolls around. And hecky thump: it's actually a good one...

Mark Millar interview : Kick-Ass, Marvel, Avengers and more...

James Hunt Interview Feb 18, 2010

Mark Millar is one of the biggest writers in the world of comics today. Here, he talks to us about his work, and the upcoming movie of his comic-book Kick-Ass...

Lost season 6 episode 4 review

Lost: The Substitute
James Hunt Review Feb 18, 2010

Just the kind of episode of Lost we've been waiting for, as John Locke takes centre stage...

Alternate Cover: Secret Avengers guesses

James Hunt News Feb 15, 2010

James works through the teaser images from Secret Avengers, and does a bit of guesswork...

Lost season 6 episode 3 review

Lost: What Kate Does
James Hunt Review Feb 11, 2010

Lost settles into its stride, gives more scope for speculation, and gives us an ending this episode with real ramifications...