James Hunt

Mark Millar interview: Kick-Ass, Kick-Ass 2, CLiNT and more

James Hunt Interview Sep 8, 2010

James natters to Mark Millar about his thoughts now on the Kick-Ass movie, the planned sequel, and his current slate of comics work...

Lost: The five biggest unsolved mysteries

James Hunt News Sep 2, 2010

The final episode of Lost may have aired and the show wrapped up, but not all of its events have been explained. Here are James’ most crucial unsolved mysteries of Lost...

Marvel and Disney one year on

James Hunt News Aug 31, 2010

It’s exactly one year since Disney brought out Marvel. So how has the acquisition altered Marvel’s output, and what does the future hold for one of the biggest names in comics?

The 10 best Lost episodes

James Hunt News Aug 31, 2010

Lost was a series that revelled in its plot twists and huge narrative arc, but there are some episodes that stand alone as compelling, self-contained stories. Here are our ten very best…

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World review

Scott Pilgrim vs The World
James Hunt Review Aug 25, 2010

Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim Vs The World may not be assaulting the box office as expected, but it’s destined to be a cult hit in the long term, James writes, in our second review…

Robin Ince’s Bad Book Club book review

James Hunt Review Jul 21, 2010

Comedian and writer Robin Ince celebrates the poetry of bad prose in Bad Book Club. Here’s James’ review…

Iron Man 2 Xbox 360 review

James Hunt Review Jun 7, 2010

With Iron Man 2 riding high in cinemas, the inevitable videogame tie-in swoops onto consoles…

Lost season 6 episode 17 review: the Lost finale

James Hunt Review May 24, 2010

How did the last episode of Lost measure up? Here's James with his spoiler-filled review...

Lost season 6 episode 16 review

Lost: What They Died For
James Hunt Review May 20, 2010

It's a bit more of a straight-down-the-line Lost episode this week, and James reckons more people will warm to it as a result...

Lost season 6 episode 15 review

James Hunt Review May 12, 2010

James swims a little against the tide with his celebration of the latest episode of Lost, Across The Sea...