Jake Laverde

Why new BBC Three sitcom Crims is worth your time

Jake Laverde Feature
Jan 8, 2015

New BBC Three prison-set sitcom Crims, which starts tonight at 9pm, has plenty of Inbetweeners-style fun going for it...

Scrotal Recall: don't be put off by the title

Jake Laverde Feature
Oct 1, 2014

Underneath its laddish title is a new comedy with a surprising amount of heart. Here's our preview of Channel 4's Scrotal Recall...

Siblings episode 1 review

Jake Laverde Review
Aug 8, 2014

An Always Sunny-ish new sitcom on BBC Three? Sign us up. Here's Jake's review of Siblings episode 1...

Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy: making series 2 more accessible

Jake Laverde Feature
Jul 31, 2014

As Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy returns to E4 tonight, Jake reports on how it's been refined for series 2...

The Mimic series 2 episodes 1 & 2 review

Jake Laverde Review
Jul 16, 2014

Jake checks out the new series of The Mimic, a Channel 4 comedy starring the impersonation talents of Terry Mynott...

Badults episode 1 review: Money

Jake Laverde Review
Jul 24, 2013

Jake checks out episode 1 of Pappy's sitcom, Badults, which contains the seed of something great, but has some growing up to do...

Count Arthur Strong episode 1 review: Memory Man

Jake Laverde Review
Jul 11, 2013

Already renewed for a second series, Jake checks out the first episode of Count Arthur Strong's television show...

Portlandia seasons 1 & 2 DVD review

Jake Laverde Review
Jun 25, 2013

Jake checks out seasons one and two of IFC comedy sketch show Portlandia, out on DVD in the UK this week...

Limmy's Show: an appreciation

Jake Laverde Feature
Jun 17, 2013

As BBC Three airs The Best of Limmy's Show tonight, find out why Scotland's comic champion is well worth your time...

Zombieland pilot spoiler-free review

Jake Laverde Review
Apr 22, 2013

Jake checks out Amazon's Zombieland sitcom pilot and finds it a confident start that keeps the original's sense of humour intact...