ITV's Jekyll And Hyde: Enzo Cilenti explains new take

Rob Leane News Aug 6, 2015

“It’s not a re-imagining or anything," says Enzo Cilenti, who will appear as Captain Dance in ITV's Jekyll And Hyde series...

Jekyll And Hyde: trailer lands for ITV series

Rob Leane News Jul 21, 2015

Charlie Higson's Jekyll And Hyde now has a substantially-sized trailer, featuring Richard E Grant and Tom Bateman...

ITV announces ghost hunting drama from Ashes To Ashes writer

Rob Leane News Jul 14, 2015

Harry Price: Ghost Hunter, written by Ashes To Ashes’ Jack Lothian, is a new based-on-a-true-story ghost hunting drama for ITV…

Sapphire & Steel to make a comeback?

Rob Leane News Jul 9, 2015

Neil Cross – creator of Luther – has been talking about reviving cult sci-fi drama Sapphire & Steel…

Churchill’s Secret: Michael Gambon to play Winston Churchill for ITV drama

Rob Leane News May 27, 2015

The legendary actor Michael Gambon will play the legendary politician Winston Churchill in ITV’s Churchill’s Secret…

Safe House episode 3 review

Cameron K McEwan Review May 4, 2015

Underneath Safe House's over-reliance on flashback and cheap tricks lies a beautifully directed, strongly performed drama...

Safe House episode 2 review

Cameron K McEwan Review Apr 27, 2015

Ignore the annoying contrivances, and Safe House continues to be an engrossing crime drama...

Safe House episode 1 review

Cameron K McEwan Review Apr 20, 2015

Misdirection is a hand played throughout Safe House, which is elevated by a fascinating cast and strong direction...

Thunderbirds Are Go! episode 1 review: Ring Of Fire

Cameron K McEwan Review Apr 4, 2015

Thunderbirds Are Go! has an action-packed launch, but its script and CG are far from top-notch. Will the revamp live up to its potential?

Thunderbirds Are Go: start date confirmed for reboot

Rob Leane News Mar 26, 2015

On Saturday the 4th of April, Thunderbirds Are Go is, um, go. Have a look at the trailer for ITV's Thunderbirds reboot here...