Interstellar running time revealed. Bring cushions.

Simon Brew News Oct 27, 2014

As Christopher Nolan's Interstellar premieres in Hollywood, the final running time and rating for the film is confirmed...

Edge Of Tomorrow and the future of stand-alone sci-fi

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Despite great reviews, Edge Of Tomorrow has struggled. What does that mean for the future of stand-alone sci-fi films, we wonder...

Interstellar: a new direction for Christopher Nolan?

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We take a closer look at the trailer for Interstellar, and wonder whether it might mark a stylistic shift for director Christopher Nolan...

Interstellar: the first full trailer arrives

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Matthew McConaughey leads an all-star cast in Christopher Nolan's Interstellar. Here's the first full trailer...

A celebration of rotating movie sets

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From Fred Astaire dance sequences to gravity-defying hotel corridor fights, we salute the technically mind-boggling rotating movie set...

The 10 biggest problems with modern day cinema

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Jittery camera work. Inaudible dialogue. Spoiler-filled trailers. Here are our top 10 biggest complaints about cinema in the present day...

The genres Hollywood left behind

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Many genres that Hollywood used to rely on for lots of hits have long since fallen by the wayside. Zoe finds out what happened to them…

Has Hollywood lost the ability to end a blockbuster movie?

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Hollywood blockbusters are getting better at delivering strong build up. But are they getting worse at giving us the pay off at the end?

Source Code and the return of intelligent sci-fi to the multiplex

Ryan Lambie News Aug 2, 2011

We celebrate the imminent DVD and Blu-ray release of Duncan Jones’ Source Code, a recent example of a film that marries intelligent sci-fi with big-screen spectacle...

Music in the movies: this year’s Oscar nominations

Glen Chapman News Feb 15, 2011

With the Academy Awards mere days away, Glen looks at this year’s music nominations, and which ones are truly deserving of a golden statue...