Heroes Reborn episode 10 review: 11:53 To Odessa

Craig Elvy Review
Nov 22, 2015

Heroes Reborn is now on a two-month break, not that the latest episode leaves us impatient for its return...

Heroes Reborn episode 9 review: Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Craig Elvy Review
Nov 13, 2015

Finally, Heroes Returns gets back to the present and clears the way for a potentially strong final act...

Letters: long news articles, spoiler-free reviews, mobile

Den Of Geek Feature
Nov 13, 2015

After a short break, the letters page is back! And, er, you've been asking us difficult questions...

Heroes Reborn episode 8 review: June 13th Part Two

Craig Elvy Review
Nov 6, 2015

You'd need superpowers of your own to keep up with the non-step revelations and character connections in Heroes Reborn...

Beyond: Heroes’ Tim Kring launching new supernatural series

Rob Leane News
Nov 6, 2015

ABC Family has green-lit Beyond, a new supernaturally tinged TV show from Heroes creator, Tim Kring…

Heroes Reborn episode 7 review: June 13th Part One

Craig Elvy Review
Oct 30, 2015

Jack Coleman as Noah Bennet carries the latest episode of Heroes Reborn, which starts on a duff note but improves from thereon in...

Heroes Reborn episode 6 review: Game Over

Craig Elvy Review
Oct 23, 2015

A familiar face arrives in Heroes Reborn, but will it be enough to make up for inconsistent character development elsewhere?

Heroes Reborn episode 5 review: The Lion's Den

Craig Elvy Review
Oct 16, 2015

Heroes Reborn advances its story considerably in this week's solid, surprisingly emotional episode, The Lion's Den...

Heroes Reborn episode 4 review: The Needs Of The Many

Craig Elvy Review
Oct 9, 2015

The cliches are back in force in this week's episode of Heroes Reborn, which lacks the action and spectacle of the last instalment...

Heroes Reborn episode 3 review: Under The Mask

Craig Elvy Review
Oct 6, 2015

Heroes Reborn has improved since its opening double-bill with this briskly paced impressive third episode...