Play-Doh film in the works at Fox?

Ryan Lambie News Apr 7, 2015

Reports suggest that a movie based on Play-Doh is in the offing, with Bridesmaids' Paul Feig lined up as director...

Ouija review

Ron Hogan Review Oct 27, 2014

PG-13 rated horror from the land of Blumhouse, granted. But Ouija has one or two things going for it...

The strange story of Jetfire, and other Transformers toys

Ryan Lambie Feature Jul 15, 2014

Hasbro's Transformers toys are 30 this year. Ryan looks back at their strange origins, including Jetfire's complicated history...

The writer of Transformers: The Movie on killing Optimus Prime

Ryan Lambie News Jan 6, 2014

In a candid interview, writer Ron Friedman talks about the infamous death of Optimus Prime in the 1986 Transformers: The Movie...

Stretch Armstrong movie, starring Taylor Lautner, abandoned

Twilight: Breaking Dawn
Simon Brew News Oct 14, 2013

It looks like the planned Stretch Armstrong movie is dead, as Relativity Media becomes the latest to pull out of the project...

Hasbro files Dungeons & Dragons lawsuit

Glen Chapman News May 16, 2013

The planned Dungeons & Dragons movie faces its first battle. Only it looks like being in the courtroom...

Monopoly, Action Man & Hungry Hippos movies planned

It'll be genius...
Glen Chapman News Oct 8, 2012

Hasbro is looking to bring more of its board games to the big screen, following this year's Battleship film...

Tonka movie drives into production

Glen Chapman News Jun 13, 2012

Hasbro and Sony get set to unleash another one of their properties on cinemas.

Transformers 4 and 5 under discussion, Jason Statham to star?

Ryan Lambie News Oct 17, 2011

Could Michael Bay be back on board the Transformers franchise? Will there be two films? Is Jason Statham set to star?