Star Wars: Rey, & her absence from Force Awakens merchandise

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jan 7, 2016

As her absence from Hasbro's Star Wars Monopoly game leaves fans asking "Where's Rey?", we look at a curious merchandising decision...

Star Wars: Hasbro promises more Rey in future products

Rob Leane News
Jan 6, 2016

The ‘Where’s Rey?’ campaign has won a victory, convincing Hasbro to add more Daisy Ridley-shaped toys to their range…

Star Wars: how an empty box became a must-have item in 1977

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jan 11, 2016

For Christmas 1977, kids got an empty box instead of Star Wars figures. Here's why it became that year's must-have gift...

Transformers: at least 10 more years of movies lie ahead

Simon Brew News
Oct 5, 2015

Hasbro confirm Transformers 5, Tranformers 6, Transformers 7 and - yep! - Transformers 8...

New Dungeons & Dragons film happening, after legal dispute

Simon Brew News
Aug 4, 2015

Hasbro and Warner Bros have now stopped fighting, and thus a new Dungeons & Dragons movie has been announced.

Transformers: new online-only animated series set to roll out

Rob Leane News
Jul 10, 2015

Machinima and Hasbro have teamed up for a digital Transformers series, aimed at adults and set during The Combiner Wars…

Monopoly movie lands The Truman Show writer

It'll be genius...
Simon Brew News
Jul 2, 2015

The Monopoly movie is active again, as Lionsgate hires Andrew Niccol (The Truman Show, Gattaca) to pen the script...

Transformers: standalone Bumblebee movie hinted

Simon Brew News
May 29, 2015

Next up in the Transformers cinematic universe? It might just be a Bumblebee spin-off movie...

Play-Doh film in the works at Fox?

Ryan Lambie News
Apr 7, 2015

Reports suggest that a movie based on Play-Doh is in the offing, with Bridesmaids' Paul Feig lined up as director...

Ouija review

Ron Hogan Review
Oct 27, 2014

PG-13 rated horror from the land of Blumhouse, granted. But Ouija has one or two things going for it...