Halo 4

Frustrating games in videogame history

Jamie Andrew Feature Aug 20, 2014

From the 1980s to the 21st century, Jamie takes us on a guided tour of the most frustrating videogames he's encountered so far...

Halo 4 release date confirmed

Halo 4
Aaron Birch News Apr 17, 2012

The next adventures of Master Chief will arrive this year in Halo 4…

Halo 4 multiplayer and story details

Halo 4
Aaron Birch News Apr 11, 2012

Some juicy bits of information regarding 343’s Halo 4 have surfaced...

The making of Halo 4: First look

Halo 4
Aaron Birch News Mar 5, 2012

Get your first look at 343 Industries’ Halo 4 in this making of mini-documentary…

Microsoft accidentally reveals the existence of Halo 4

Ryan Lambie News Jun 6, 2011

Master Chief will soon return, as a PR leak by Microsoft inadvertently reveals that Halo 4 is in the works…