Guy Pearce

Prometheus: brand new video of Guy Pearce released

Simon Brew News Feb 29, 2012

And let the viral campaign for Prometheus begin, as Fox releases a video that sets the scene for the film just a little.

Ridley Scott on Prometheus, and where Guy Pearce fits in

Simon Brew News Feb 27, 2012

Inevitably, there are mild spoilers here, as Ridley Scott has revealed one or two new things about his upcoming movie, Prometheus…

Trailer arrives for Luc Besson’s action sci-fi film, Lockout

Ryan Lambie Trailer Dec 5, 2011

Guy Pearce stars in the forthcoming, action-packed sci-fi flick Lockout. Check out the new trailer here…

New trailer for Nicolas Cage in Justice

Simon Brew Trailer Sep 23, 2011

Nicolas Cage and Guy Pearce star in Justice, a thriller that used to be known as The Hungry Rabbit Jumps. Here's the trailer for it...

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark review

Ron Hogan Review Aug 29, 2011

A classic slice of TV horror gets a big-screen remake courtesy of co-writer Guillermo del Toro and director Troy Nixey. Here’s Ron’s review of a very creepy film…

New trailer for Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

Simon Brew Trailer Jun 1, 2011

Starring Guy Pearce and Katie Holmes, and partly from the pen of Guillermo del Toro, here’s the new trailer for Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark…

Guy Pearce joins Ridley Scott’s Prometheus

Simon Brew News May 3, 2011

The film that was the Alien prequel now can add Guy Pearce to its ranks, as the actor joins Ridley Scott’s Prometheus…