Green Lantern

New promo for Green Lantern

Simon Brew News Apr 6, 2011

Ryan Reynolds has something to say in the new TV trailer for Green Lantern…

Watch four minutes of the Green Lantern right here!

Simon Brew News Apr 4, 2011

Ryan Reynolds is the Green Lantern! And finally, we’ve got a bit more footage to prove it…!

First trailer for Green Lantern

Green Lantern
Simon Brew Trailer Nov 17, 2010

Ready to meet Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern? The first trailer for the film is right here…

Green Lantern 2 vs Deadpool: the battle for Ryan Reynolds

Simon Brew News Aug 12, 2010

Could Warner Bros’ plans for a trilogy of Green Lantern movies potentially derail Ryan Reynolds’ chances of playing Deadpool in Fox’s upcoming X-Men spin-off?

Green Lantern sequel already in the works

Ryan Lambie News Aug 10, 2010

Green Lantern may still be in production, but that hasn’t stopped Warner Bros hiring a scriptwriter for its sequel…

First glimpse of Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern comes to light

Green Lantern
Ryan Lambie News Jul 15, 2010

Step this way to see the first luminous image of Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern…

First look: Peter Sarsgaard in The Green Lantern

Simon Brew News May 11, 2010

Meet Dr Hector Hammond from next year’s The Green Lantern movie…