Graham Linehan

The IT Crowd American remake is getting a second chance

Rob Leane News Oct 17, 2014

Community alumni Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan are having another stab at remaking The IT Crowd for US audiences…

The IT Crowd Special review: The Internet Is Coming

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Review Sep 27, 2013

The IT Crowd leaves us with a superb final outing. Here's Pete's review of The Internet Is Coming...

The IT Crowd special spoiler-free review: The Internet Is Coming

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Review Sep 16, 2013

The IT Crowd special has a blisteringly funny script and feels as if it's never been away...

The IT Crowd special to air at end of September

Louisa Mellor News Sep 4, 2013

Graham Linehan has confirmed on Twitter that The IT Crowd special finale is coming to Channel 4 at the end of September...

Count Arthur Strong episode 1 review: Memory Man

Jake Laverde Review Jul 11, 2013

Already renewed for a second series, Jake checks out the first episode of Count Arthur Strong's television show...

The IT Crowd special filming this month

Louisa Mellor News May 7, 2013

Graham Linehan confirms that the much-anticipated IT Crowd special is due to film in just three weeks' time...

The IT Crowd special planned for "middle of next year"

Louisa Mellor News Dec 17, 2012

Graham Linehan hopes to reunite The IT Crowd trio for a one-off special in mid-2013...

Diary of an extra in The IT Crowd

Pete in The IT Crowd
Pete Dillon-Trenchard News Jun 28, 2010

Pete gets the job as an extra in an episode of Graham Linehan’s geek sitcom The IT Crowd, and here’s part one of his diary…

The IT Crowd series 4 episode 1 review #1

Ryan Lambie Review Jun 25, 2010

Ryan warms to the return of The IT Crowd, and finds Graham Linehan has not lost his touch...

The IT Crowd series 4 episode 1 review #2

Jake Laverde Review Jun 25, 2010

The UK's flagship geek sitcom returns! Can Graham Linehan still turn it on or has it crashed? IT Crowd v 4.0 is here!