Chris Pratt on his Marvel future, Indiana Jones rumours

Simon Brew News May 20, 2015

Chris Pratt is set for five more Marvel movies, isn't in Ghostbusters, and Indiana Jones remains a rumour...

Capcom unveils new iOS game, Ghostbusters: Puzzle Fighter

Ryan Lambie News Apr 23, 2015

There's a new Ghostbusters game on the way. But don't get too excited - it's another match-three puzzle game...

Melissa McCarthy is leading the new Ghostbusters

Simon Brew News Apr 15, 2015

Paul Feig has been chatting about how his new Ghostbusters team, and how they fit together...

Looking ahead to the big blockbusters of summer 2016

Simon Brew Feature Apr 9, 2015

Reboots, videogame adaptations, and a few long awaited sequels are all due for release next year

Play-Doh film in the works at Fox?

Ryan Lambie News Apr 7, 2015

Reports suggest that a movie based on Play-Doh is in the offing, with Bridesmaids' Paul Feig lined up as director...

Confirmed: Russo brothers to helm Avengers: Infinity War

Simon Brew News Mar 24, 2015

Marvel's confirmed that Joe and Anthony Russo will take over from Joss Whedon on Avengers: Infinity War for Marvel...

Paul Feig responds to criticism of female Ghostbusters movie

Simon Brew News Mar 13, 2015

As he gets ready to shoot his Ghostbusters film, director Paul Feig explains how he's not ruined anyone's childhood...

Ghostbusters: Chris Pratt now linked, four movies planned

Simon Brew News Mar 11, 2015

Chris Pratt could join Channing Tatum in one Ghostbusters movie - but it seems there are many planned...

Ghostbusters: another movie coming, Channing Tatum linked

Simon Brew News Mar 10, 2015

Sony's got another new Ghostbusters coming - with Channing Tatum, Drew Pearce and the Russo brothers the core creative team.

Ghostbusters: "conventional" sequel might still happen

Simon Brew News Feb 19, 2015

Dan Aykroyd reckons there's still a chance for Ghostbusters 3, if the Paul Feig-directed reboot is a hit...