Ivan Reitman on Ghosbusters 3 and Triplets

Simon Brew News Aug 18, 2014

Director Ivan Reitman on why he's not directing Ghostbusters 3, and the current state of the Twins sequel...

Paul Feig linked with Ghostbusters reboot

Simon Brew News Aug 2, 2014

The director of Bridesmaids is in line for a female-driven Ghostbusters reboot...

Trailer lands for Ghostbusters' 30th anniversary re-release

Simon Brew Trailer Jul 11, 2014

Let the party begin: here's the trailer for the cinema re-release of Ghostbusters...

Ghostbusters 3 news round-up

Simon Brew News Jun 10, 2014

Sigourney Weaver drops story hints for Ghostbusters 3, whilst directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller on why they turned the film down...

Cinema re-release, 30th anniversary Blu-ray for Ghostbusters

Simon Brew News Jun 6, 2014

Sony is bringing Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II out together on Blu-ray, and putting the first film back in cinemas...

Ruben Fleischer linked with directing Ghostbusters 3

Simon Brew News Jun 3, 2014

The director of Zombieland, Ruben Fleischer, is one of the candidates to helm Ghostbusters 3 it seems...

Why the Ghostbusters game is “essentially the third movie”

Philip Tibbetts Feature Jun 2, 2014

There's still no Ghostbusters 3, but maybe the 2009 videogame adaptation could fill that gap? Philip explains...

The top 50 assholes in cinema

Andrew Blair Odd List Apr 25, 2014

They're despicable, smug and downright unpleasant. Andrew lines up his pick of 50 biggest unpleasant, sometimes heroic folk in cinema...

LEGO Movie directors apparently say no to Ghostbusters 3

Glen Chapman News Apr 8, 2014

UPDATE: Chris Miller and Phil Lord have now apparently turned Ghostbusters 3 down...

Ghostbusters 3 to shoot in early 2015, new director needed

Simon Brew News Mar 19, 2014

Director Ivan Reitman bows out of Ghostbusters 3, with the film now set to shoot at the start of 2015...