Game Of Thrones season 5

Major characters not appearing in Game Of Thrones season 5

Rob Leane News Sep 4, 2014

Spoilers: some familiar faces will not be back for Game Of Thrones season 5....

Recast Game Of Thrones star Aimee Richardson responds

Rob Leane News Aug 1, 2014

The former Myrcella Baratheon has taken to Vine to react to her Game Of Thrones recasting…

Game Of Thrones season 5 new cast members announced

Simon Brew News Jul 25, 2014

HBO has announced new cast members for Game Of Thrones - and they introduce themselves right here...

Game Of Thrones season 5 directors announced

Louisa Mellor News Jul 16, 2014

4 newcomers to Game Of Thrones will be directing a brace of episodes each for season 5...

New director joins Game Of Thrones season 5

Louisa Mellor News Jul 4, 2014

Breaking Bad director Michael Slovis will be behind the camera for 2 episodes of Game Of Thrones' 5th season...

Game Of Thrones season 5 to shoot in Spain

Louisa Mellor News Jul 3, 2014

The Andulusian province of Seville will stand in for Dorne in Game Of Thrones' fifth season...

Anticipated Game Of Thrones character to be omitted?

Louisa Mellor News Jun 26, 2014

Fans weren't happy when a certain character didn't appear in the Game Of Thrones season 4 finale. Will she be omitted completely?

What can we expect from Game Of Thrones season 5?

Louisa Mellor Feature Jun 17, 2014

With season 4 not even cold in its grave, we take a spoiler-free look ahead to what Game Of Thrones season 5 has in store…

George R.R. Martin wants 13-episode Game Of Thrones seasons

Louisa Mellor News Jun 13, 2014

If George R.R. Martin had his way, Game Of Thrones seasons would run to 13 episodes...

HBO orders Game Of Thrones seasons 5 and 6

Louisa Mellor News Apr 9, 2014

In news that surprises nobody, HBO has ordered at least 2 further seasons of its enormous hit, Game Of Thrones...