Fringe finale

Should the Fringe finale have answered all our questions?

Juliette Harrisson Feature Jan 22, 2013

The Fringe finale left plenty of questions unanswered, but did it really need to tie up every last detail for its fans?

Fringe finale review

Billy Grifter Review Jan 21, 2013

In his final ever Fringe review, Billy salutes the passing of a show that will be sorely missed...

New, longer Fringe finale trailer

Louisa Mellor Trailer Jan 16, 2013

Fox is pulling out all the stops to whip up a frenzy for this Friday's last ever episode of Fringe. See the newest trailer here...

Creepy new Fringe finale poster released

Louisa Mellor Poster Jan 15, 2013

The last ever episode of Fringe is just days away, so Fox is stepping up the publicity with this creepy promo poster...

Fringe finale trailer: An Enemy of Fate

Louisa Mellor Trailer Jan 14, 2013

Fringe's 100th and final episode is just days away. Take a look at the teaser trailer here...