Friday the 13th

93 movie remakes and reboots currently in the works

Simon Brew Feature Aug 21, 2015

From The Craft and The Birds to The Fugitive and She's All That, the many film reboots and remakes currently in the works...

Friday The 13th: TV series confirmed for The CW

Rob Leane News Aug 12, 2015

The CW will house Jason Voorhees' new slasher adventures, as it announces development of the upcoming Friday The 13th TV series...

Friday The 13th reboot: Hannibal producer to pen script

Friday the 13th
Simon Brew News Mar 26, 2015

We don't know if the next Friday The 13th will be a full sequel. But we do know who's writing it...

How horror franchises redefine themselves over time

Sarah Dobbs Feature Feb 28, 2015

What sets one horror franchise apart from another, and how do they evolve over time? As REC 4 lands on disc, we take a look...

17 moments of movie terror in the bathroom

Ryan Lambie Odd List Feb 6, 2015

From toilet-based scares to nasty encounters in the shower, here's a selection of 17 memorable moments of terror in the bathroom...

Friday The 13th, Paranormal Activity, Ring sequels dated

Simon Brew News Jan 28, 2015

Paramount moves the release date of three of its upcoming horror films...

32 movies currently being turned into TV shows

Simon Brew Rob Leane Feature Aug 12, 2015

Friday The 13th and The Omen series, dubbed Damien, bring our list of film-to-TV adaptations up to 32...

Friday The 13th series coming to TV

Ryan Lambie News Apr 25, 2014

The slasher genre's Jason Voorhees is heading to our televisions, as a Friday The 13th series is announced...

Paramount confirms new Friday The 13th movie

Friday the 13th
Simon Brew News Nov 27, 2013

A follow-up to the reboot of Friday The 13th has been confirmed for a 2015 release...

Christopher Nolan unlocks South Park & Friday The 13th films

Simon Brew News Jun 6, 2013

Paramount picks up the rights for new Friday The 13th and South Park movies, in exchange for a slice of Christopher Nolan's next film...