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Shane Black to direct The Destroyer

Ryan Lambie News Aug 22, 2014

Shane Black's on board to direct an adaptation of the adventure book series The Destroyer, with Fight Club's Jim Uhls on script duties...

Shane Black's new Predator film a sequel, not reboot

Simon Brew News Jun 26, 2014

Call off the hounds! Cancel the chopper! The new Predator movie isn't a reboot after all! It's going to be a sequel instead.

Predator reboot in develpment

Simon Brew News Jun 24, 2014

Fox is rebooting the Predator series, with Shane Black lined up to direct...

Rob Cohen on The Monster Squad remake

Monster Squad = 80s cheese gold
Glen Chapman News Oct 10, 2012

The Monster Squad remake doesn't seem much closer, but Rob Cohen and Michael Bay are trying to make it happen...

Looking back at The Monster Squad

Glen Chapman News Jan 27, 2011

Ignored at the box office, 80s comedy horror The Monster Squad has since gained a devoted following. Glen takes a look back at a cult favourite...