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Star Wars: Rogue One - what we know so far

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jan 8, 2016

We look at what we know so far about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - plus round up some of the juiciest rumours and bits of speculation...

Star Wars: Rogue One - Forest Whitaker joins the cast

Ryan Lambie News
Jun 15, 2015

Forest Whitaker is reportedly in talks to join Gareth Edwards' Star Wars Anthology movie, Rogue One...

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - cast confirmation, first pic

Simon Brew News
Aug 15, 2015

The first official picture of the Star Wars: Rogue One cast has been released...

Star Wars: Rogue One - Ben Mendelsohn to star?

Ryan Lambie News
Mar 26, 2015

Reports suggest that Ben Mendelsohn could be set to star in the 2016 Star Wars spin-off, Rogue One...

Star Wars: Felicity Jones cast, Aaron Paul and Edgar Ramirez linked

Simon Brew News
Feb 4, 2015

The 2016 standalone Star Wars movie is set to star Felicity Jones. Plus, more casting rumours for Gareth Edwards' film...

Star Wars: more casting rumours for 2016 standalone movie

The Star Wars logo.
Simon Brew News
Jan 22, 2015

The casting shortlist of three for the 2016 Star Wars movie has now expanded to four, as Kate Mara is linked.

The Theory Of Everything review

Ryan Lambie Review
Jan 2, 2015

Eddie Redmayne is superb in The Theory Of Everything, a drama about Stephen Hawking. Our review's here...

Tom Hanks & Felicity Jones set for Dan Brown's Inferno film

Simon Brew News
Dec 3, 2014

Ron Howard will direct, Tom Hanks will star and we now learn that Felicity Jones will join them for the film of Dan Brown's Inferno...

Felicity Jones on playing Black Cat in the Spider-Man movie universe

Simon Brew News
Nov 4, 2014

She's not said much, but it sounds as though Felicity Jones would be up for bringing Black Cat to the screen...

Spider Slayers and Black Cat set for future Spider-Man films

Simon Brew News
Apr 16, 2014

Exclusive: Wheels have been put in motion for the Spider Slayers and Black Cat to join the cinematic Spider-Man universe...