Dwayne Johnson

San Andreas review

Duncan Bowles Review May 27, 2015

The Rock vs Earthquakes? Well, not quite, but San Andreas is still a decent enough disaster movie.

Fast & Furious 8: Dwayne Johnson confirms his return

Simon Brew News May 19, 2015

Dwayne Johnson will be bringing Hobbs back for Fast & Furious 8 - and he's teased a spin-off film too...

DC's Lobo: why the film hasn't happened yet

Simon Brew News May 18, 2015

Director Brad Peyton reveals why Lobo, starring Dwayne Johnson, hasn't made it to the DC movie universe yet...

Dwayne Johnson signs up for new sci-fi action comedy

Simon Brew News May 11, 2015

Alpha Squad Seven is a new mix of sci-fi, action and comedy, that may yet spawn a franchise. Dwayne Johnson is to star...

G.I. Joe 3 recruits another writer

Simon Brew News Apr 2, 2015

The chances of G.I. Joe 3 making a 2016 release seem slim, as Paramount hires a writer to start over on the project.

Dwayne Johnson chose Black Adam role over Shazam

Mike Cecchini News Apr 1, 2015

Turns out that Dwayne Johnson was offered the role of Shazam in the DC movie universe. Here's why he chose to play Black Adam instead.

Fast & Furious: ranking the movies in order of quality

Ryan Lambie Odd List Apr 2, 2015

As Fast & Furious 7 arrives on UK screens, we attempt to rank all seven films in the franchise so far, from best to worst...

Fast & Furious 7 review

Ryan Lambie Review Mar 24, 2015

High-octane sequel Fast & Furious 7 satisfies as an action film and a moving send-off for the late Paul Walker, Ryan writes...

Fast & Furious 7: new footage in international trailer

Simon Brew Trailer Mar 16, 2015

More footage from Fast & Furious 7 lands in the latest promo for the upcoming sequel...

San Andreas: new trailer for Dwayne Johnson's new movie

Simon Brew Trailer Mar 10, 2015

It's Dwayne Johnson and his helicopter versus earthquakes in San Andreas. Here's the new trailer...