Die Hard

28 great geeky Christmas jumpers

Rob Leane Odd List
Nov 27, 2015

From Die Hard to Star Wars, we've started putting together our collection of favourite Christmas jumpers. Add yours!

Die Hard: Year One - "a really cool idea", says Bruce Willis

Die Hard: the finest action film on the planet?
Simon Brew News
Oct 22, 2015

Die Hard 6 will tell the origin story of John McClane. Bruce Willis is a big fan of the idea.

Die Hard 6 to be both origin story and sequel

Die Hard: the finest action film on the planet?
Simon Brew News
Oct 15, 2015

Die Hard 6 is also set to serve as Die Hard: Year One. Len Wiseman is returning to direct...

Brad Peyton interview: San Andreas, The Rock, Statham, Star Wars

Duncan Bowles Interview
May 29, 2015

The San Andreas director on working with Dwayne Johnson, family dynamics in movies, and of course, Jason Statham...

Brad Bird interview: Tomorrowland, Star Wars, surprises

Simon Brew Interview
May 20, 2015

Tomorrowland, Chinatown, Die Hard and keeping films a secret are on the agenda as we chat to director Brad Bird...

Alan Rickman on why he nearly turned Die Hard down

Simon Brew News
Apr 20, 2015

"I'm not doing an action movie", said Alan Rickman of Die Hard. But here's why he did...

Alan Rickman interview: A Little Chaos, villains, Doctor Who

Simon Brew Interview
Apr 15, 2015

Alan Rickman chats to us about directing, Anthony Minghella, movie villains and A Little Chaos...

Alan Rickman's overlooked movie villain role

Simon Brew Feature
Mar 16, 2015

Hans Gruber in Die Hard. The Sheriff in Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves. Yet Alan Rickman played a different movie villain between them...

11 of action cinema's great movie villain pairings

Ryan Lambie Odd List
Feb 26, 2015

From early Bond to 21st century sci-fi, here's Ryan's pick of 11 unforgettable villain pairings from action cinema history...